The Time Has Come for the Noro Reception!

Welcome to a fun filled Japanese inspired reception to celebrate the wonderful world of Noro. A Noro factory representative will be joining us with a trunk show, garments, and lots of cool insider info. There will be raffles, giveaways, hors d' oeuvres, prizes, and amazing events throughout the evening. Come learn all about the nuance and beauty of this glorious humanely sourced 100% organic yarn.

There are two evenings available: Friday 8/11 and Saturday 8/12. Spots will fill up fast so make sure you sign up soon!


By the way two pictures of me in one newsletter is too much. We have to find another model you guys. This is getting ridiculous!


Yarn Rehab, a Phenomena so Awesome it Could've Killed the Dinosaurs

So truth. We all know how wonderfully special the yarn rehab sock is from the father and son team at Meadowcraft Dyeworks. We all know how exquisite their colors are. Especially since you, my darling little kumquats, like to jab your fingers into the shipping box to see what's come in before I've even had a chance to unpack it because you don't want to miss out on a new and captivating color. So the picture above could probably have been a box with their logo on it. And instead what you have before you is a creepy soul bearing amalgamation of my three favorite things yarn, dinosaurs, and succulents. In no way did I paint and put together those wood skeleton puzzles as an adult. Nor did I stomp those dinos about their new yarn landscape in an epic battle to the death and then carefully place the jaws of the T-rex triumphantly around the brachiosaurus' neck and then shake my fist and cry out "curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!" Nope. That is purposterous. I read the paper and have...


Baah's Monthly Gradient Series Comes to Life!

This sensationally subtle gradient series from Baah will be so fantastic for so many different projects. That's why in order to narrow it down a little bit we decided to highlight Joji Locatelli's Jujuy shawl. It will be absolutely lovely knit up in these stunning colors. We have kits available for the three shown here or you can pre-order for the next two upcoming colors and get the entire five month gradient series. So many choices! Oh no! Whatever will you do? Just remember you're never alone. I'm always available to chat in order help with any yarn choice dilemmas. It's one of my favorite things, most especially when you visit me in the shop. And although yarn is my specialty I'm also pretty good at consulting with succulents, bonkers animals, shark week, delicious dairy and gluten filled food I'm not supposed to eat, and ghosts. Chat soon my little pea pods of joy!


Nothin' Fishy About Some Fishknits!

I met Jo Dee at Fishknits when I was wandering about the Stitches market earlier in the year. I spotted these superb kettle colors and just had to pop in and take look. We started chatting and I absolutely fell in love with her! She adores everything about fiber and even has an adopted 95 pound, 8 year old Akita mix, named Norman, who she's given the official title of Fishknits supervisor. I totally relate as my adopted Shiba Inu is my newsletter supervisor. He creepily hovers over me as I write either ready to lick my face or chomp on my feet. Yowsers! Now back to Jo Dee! She's never been carried in a store before so we are lucky enough to be the only shop in the entire world where you can touch and see her yarn in person. Plus the colorways she dyed for us are completely unique and one of a kind. Super cool huh?

Yarning For You‎1st Annual Anniversary Sale.jpg

Join us for our 1st Annual Anniversary Party! We are so blessed that all of you have supported us in our journey and we would like to celebrate and thank you!

The day will be filled with knitting, lots of fun and surprises so make sure you stop on by to see what we've gotten ourselves up to. I know you won't want to miss out on all the hi-jinks and big reveals!

Storewide Sale:

15% off all yarn & bags for the first two hours (10 a.m. - 12 noon)

10% off all yarn & bags for the rest of the day (12:01 p.m. - 2 p.m.)

For more details please call (760) 744-5648 or visit our store.