The Knit Lit Book Club | Yarning for You

Knit Lit Book Club

We meet the 4th Thursday of every month from 10am-12pm

The Knit Lit Book Club has been meeting since 2006. With our diverse reading list, we tend to have lively and interesting discussions. There’s only been a few times we have agreed 100% on whether we liked or disliked a book. It’s interesting and thought provoking when you find that others disagree or agree with you…. or how a character or theme relates to a life experience.

Suggestions for future books are solicited and voted on by all. We strive to choose books that are available in paperback to help keep your costs down (saving money for yarn!). Often the selections are available at your local library.

Other advantages? You get to knit during the book club – how great is that! You’ll meet new friends, knit and chat away…oh and snack…we often have snacks ranging from sweets to appetizers.

Our book club has no “official” membership. Feel free to join us anytime for one of our book club discussions when the book selection piques your interest.