Glorious Lace Shawl Class with Shop Instructor Beth Carnett!

We're not just excited that Beth is teaching this class because it is filled with a plethora of must know lace techniques such as knitting on a lace edge using short rows. We're excited because she's a superiorly fabulous knitter and used to be a Kindergarten teacher! There's no way she's going to let anyone fall behind and she'll always welcome any question...

Beginning Crochet!  | Yarning for You

Crochet Class Extravaganza!

Our wonderful Guest Instructor Aaron Hughes will be joining us on Saturday 1/6 to usher in some additional crochet knowledge and joy into the shop. We will be featuring two of his fantastic classes: Beginning Crochet in an Afternoon! and Custom Crochet Beanie. It's all so exciting we can't hardly wait! Oh Jennifer Love Hewitt...whatever happened to you? Why didn't you Party of Five your way...


Overcome Those Winter Blues

Wonderland Yarns has sent us this month's mini skein set Some Winter Day. Their fingering weight 100% merino is just so softly bouncy and the gradient is so prettily perfect that no matter which of the hundreds of provided project recommendations you land on, your project is sure to be splendiferous! And we all deserve a little dazzlingly fantastical splendidness don't we?


With the Holidays Around the Corner, We've Got the Gifts!

I know it can be daunting to come up with gift ideas for your very bestest of friends and the family members that you actually like. So we've got some fun suggestions! Like the beautifully fun and easy Endless Wrap where you can actually wrap yourself in yards of cozy Woolstok. If you can't make it into the shop you can always order from our...


All You Want for Christmas!

If you're like me you're super tired of your sister getting you a gift card every year because she wasn't given extensive notes, instructions, and GPS coordinates on where to get you that special something. Well now that you can write down all the things you wish for at the shop on your Wish List, all you have to do is give your loved ones the GPS coordinates and we'll do the rest! When they...


Holiday Potluck Party!

I can't wait for our annual Holiday Potluck Party! It's going to be so awesome! This party is truly one of my favorites because it thanks all of our friends, current and new. See, I didn't call you all old. Don't you love me? We're going to have so much fun as we all hang out together, work on our projects, relax, and my favorite part eat! You guys always do such an amazing job with the food. From...


Pre-Black Friday Sale

This Friday & Saturday!

The biggest and best yarn sale of the year is finally here!

Friday 11/17 and Saturday 11/18

  • From 10am-11am all yarn will be 20% off
  • From 11am-5pm all yarn will be 10% off
  • Look for lots of amazing deals throughout...

Guest Instructor Barry Klein from Trendsetter!

We are brimming with pride and excitement! Nationally acclaimed designer and instructor Barry Klein from Trendsetter is coming to our shop to teach his design, the spectacular Mitered Box Shawl. Not only does he teach a new miter technique, but he will also discuss how to change the shape to fit your needs, new cast on methods, and so much more! My Mom and all of my...

Alexandra's Crafts Trunk Show | Yarning for You

Sweet Relief From Alexandra's Crafts

I know right we are all limbering up for next week's big event. With Rocky like focus we're preparing to run from blood sucking fiends, creepy creatures, and children hulked out with sugar steroids coursing through their veins. If you make it out alive, like I know I will because I'm super awesome, you'll be able to catch your breath and join me in a shower of luxurious yak and silk...

Brooklyn Tweed Debut & Garment Show | Yarning for You

A Brooklyn Tweed Destination Shop

We are now a flagship store for Brooklyn Tweed! We are one of only five shops in California that have been invited to represent them. As a flagship store we are now carrying all of their lines in every color that they offer. To celebrate, Brooklyn Tweed has sent us some amazing garments to show off just how phenomenal their yarn truly is. Make sure you come into the shop to see for...

Fresh Squeezed Baby Sweater with Guest Instructor Heather Walpole | Yarning for You

Tis The Season For Classes!!

We've all been inspired to to start teaching and we hope you're all inspired to learn! There are six classes and two knit alongs this month alone! Feel free to double up if you want to challenge yourself. We've made sure to stagger the times so no one will be left out. There's so much I didn't even have enough room in the newsletter to talk about the beginning cowl and crochet classes we...

Spooky Ghost Hat  | Yarning for You

Spooky Ghost Hat

Alright, it's October people. The time of year when I start booking ghost hunting tours hoping against hope that I see a door slam, a glass fly off a shelf, or better yet a full grown man squeal and run out of a room. I would laugh so hard that I would probably pee my pants. Dude blood could be running down the walls and I would be on the ground laughing at that guy. I am not a nice person. Self...

Brioche Cowl With Guest Instructor Suzanne Nielsen | Yarning for You

Intro Brioche Cowl with Guest Instructor Suzanne Nielsen

Ever wanted to laugh while you were crying? I can see you all nodding your heads in affirmation. How about been masterfully zen while wanting to punch someone in the face? Oh yeah, now I see some fists being raised in the air; and is that a guttural scream I hear? Come with me my little gumdrops because I am always calm and could punch just about everyone in the...

San Diego Yarn Crawl | September 14th - 17th 2017

Make sure to stop by the shop to meet 4 Indie Dyers plus 1 Yarn Bag Maker, shop 8 Trunk Shows, ogle 4 Garment Trunk Shows, and be awed by 5 exclusive colorways made just for us by some of our favorite Indie Dyers!


Enhance Your Lace Series

We're your lace personal trainers and we're taking you to the knit gym to get your pump on. We're gonna start you on the Japanese lace machine, we're gonna curl those double yarn overs, squat those smocking stitches, plank those nupps, and more! But don't worry these is some relief in this lace workout circuit. There is no seaming! This class is good for the Advanced Beginner with some beginning...


Yarning for you online orders placed using the buy online, free store pickup option at checkout are fulfilled with inventory at our retail store in San Marcos, CA. Customers can order online and pick up their orders in store, allowing for a quick order-to-pickup time.

What do you currently sell online?

You can go to the...


Woolfolk Exclusive Debut!

In case you've ever questioned our love and devotion to you let me squelch that doubt right now with absolute certainty. We are so very supremely excited to debut Woolfolk yarns as well as bring in a garment Trunk Show exclusively for you, our phenomenal customers! It was very important to us to schedule this event before the San Diego Yarn Crawl so that you would receive priority. This...


Yoth Yarns Baby!

I know Yoth Yarns has quite the following what with it's Farm House chic colorways and ludicrously sensational bases. I follow them. They manage the impossible. They're like lovable, relatable, huggable hipsters. At shows I would moan as I walked by their booth because I always missed out on the colors I wanted as I took too long debating over whether or not I wanted to stand in their Splash...

Trendsetter Fashion Event | Saturday 8/26

Trendsetter Fashion Event

Trensetter will be sending us their newest sweaters and garments of the fall and spring from designer Jane Slicer Smith for one day only. You will be able to truly see the beauty of these phenomenal pieces and then order the perfect kit in colors that best compliment you. This fashion event will be accompanied of course by pastries and treats baked to perfection by my wonderful family. Make...


One Hot Lady and an Exclusive Mosaic Cowl

Local designer Irina Anikeeva has designed a tricolor mosaic cowl exclusively for the shop! Her patterns are positively phenomenal and this one is no different. Make sure you stop by the shop to see the magnificent sample modeled here by the lovely Beth. Irina will be teaching the class and she is such a wonderful, informative, and attentive instructor you'll absolutely love...


Teresa Ruch Tencel Cowl Kit: Take a Deep Breath

These darling kits include a glorious skein of tencel yarn hand dyed in Teresa's Oregon studio, stitch markers, and a pattern that knit up an elegant cowl with a drape that Teresa assures will be a delight to wear. Plus of course there's the shimmery, shiny and coolness of tencel itself. It's yarn made from the wood of junk trees that grow in poor soil...


The Time Has Come for the Noro Reception!

Welcome to a fun filled Japanese inspired reception to celebrate the wonderful world of Noro. A Noro factory representative will be joining us with a trunk show, garments, and lots of cool insider info. There will be raffles, giveaways, hors d' oeuvres, prizes, and amazing events throughout the evening. Come learn all about the nuance and beauty of this glorious humanely sourced...


Yarn Rehab, a Phenomena so Awesome it Could've Killed the Dinosaurs

So truth. We all know how wonderfully special the yarn rehab sock is from the father and son team at Meadowcraft Dyeworks. We all know how exquisite their colors are. Especially since you, my darling little kumquats, like to jab your fingers into the shipping box to see what's come in before I've even had a chance to unpack it because you don't want to...


Baah's Monthly Gradient Series Comes to Life!

This sensationally subtle gradient series from Baah will be so fantastic for so many different projects. That's why in order to narrow it down a little bit we decided to highlight Joji Locatelli's Jujuy shawl. It will be absolutely lovely knit up in these stunning colors. We have kits available for the three shown here or you can pre-order for the next two upcoming colors...


Nothin' Fishy About Some Fishknits!

I met Jo Dee at Fishknits when I was wandering about the Stitches market earlier in the year. I spotted these superb kettle colors and just had to pop in and take look. We started chatting and I absolutely fell in love with her! She adores everything about fiber and even has an adopted 95 pound, 8 year old Akita mix, named Norman, who she's given the official title of Fishknits...


It's Party Time Baby!

So I'm sure you cleared your calendar for this Saturday because I told you to weeks ago and you do everything I tell you to do because by now you've realized that I am a God. Yep. That's me. Clotho. Greek Goddess. Spinner of Fate. Wow this is super refreshing. Having a secret identity is a pain. And while I'm at it I've just gotta share that being a cute perky little blonde is not that great. Too...


New Colors From Mary Gavan!

Mary Gavan just sent us a magnificent array of colors in her Pepino line, a 100% linen wonder. I love Mary. She is this soft spoken, open hearted, bright eyed sprite of a thing who in no way looks the 50 something she happens to be. I keep meaning to ask her the secret to her youthful appearance. Maybe it's the utter joy she gets from dyeing her yarn, you certainly can feel it when you pick...

It's Time To Join The Knitting Dead at Yarning for You

It's Time To Join The Knitting Dead!

Lorna from Zombie Yarns is going to be at the shop and we're all in for a bloodcurdlingly good time. After selling Lorna's Laces in 2003 she spent her time designing and touring the country teaching at guilds and conventions. She even wrote four books. Recently however, something started to come over her. It was the yarn coloring virus. Lorna had come back from the dead. She started...


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