Baby Bat Brouhaha

Glorious Lace Shawl Class with Shop Instructor Beth Carnett!

We're not just excited that Beth is teaching this class because it is filled with a plethora of must know lace techniques such as knitting on a lace edge using short rows. We're excited because she's a superiorly fabulous knitter and used to be a Kindergarten teacher! There's no way she's going to let anyone fall behind and she'll always welcome any question you might have with that cute sweet smile she always has on her face. If you haven't already noticed we absolutely love her and have learned so much from her; and you will too!


Hues You Can Use: Choose the Right Colors for Your Project

Join Guest Instructor Heather Walpole from Ewe Ewe Yarns as she explains the theories and principles of color. She'll even help you choose which color to make the main color of a project and which ought to play a supporting roll. Join us on Saturday 1/20!

Learn To Weave In One Day! | Yarning for You

Learn To Weave In One Day

Guest Instructor Karen Bochinski is back by popular demand! She is here to expand your fiber skills and knowledge by immersing you in the wonderful world of weaving. In this class you will learn everything you need to know to make a washcloth that you will be able to take home at the end of class. Join us on Saturday 1/13!


Twisted Owl Yo!

In case you haven't noticed our walls our full of soft and squishy, expertly dyed Twisted Owl Sock. Stop by and check out all the amazing additions!

Enhance Your Lace | Yarning for You

Enhance Your Lace Series

Perfect for the advanced as well as the advanced beginner this lace series will build and hone your lace skills so that you will become an expert lace knitter. Comprised of nine sections, this project will be a lovely sampler that can be used as a stole or decorative throw. Plus it comes with a bonus, no seaming! Join us Saturdays 1/13, 2/3, and 3/3!

Quick Beginner Socks! | Yarning for You

Quick Beginner Socks

Proudly proclaim, "I can knit socks!" Step by step instructions provided by our very own Nancy and accompanying videos will help guide you through this beautifully constructed sock. Join us on starting Saturday 1/20!


Kim from KC's Pocket to Go sent us bags! She even sent us one with our very own likenesses on it. We knew she loved us better than anyone else. Seriously though let's be real here, it's obvious we're the most lovable. Just look at these faces, irrisistable cuteness at it's best!


Ewey and Baatsy