Trendsetter Fashion Event | Saturday 8/26

Butterfly Breezes

Trendsetter Fashion Event

Trensetter will be sending us their newest sweaters and garments of the fall and spring from designer Jane Slicer Smith for one day only. You will be able to truly see the beauty of these phenomenal pieces and then order the perfect kit in colors that best compliment you. This fashion event will be accompanied of course by pastries and treats baked to perfection by my wonderful family. Make sure to join us on Saturday 8/26!


I'm super excited about this event. These pieces are absolutely awe-inspiring. However, I have to be very careful not to mention how much I want to make one because someone will always inevitably pop out from behind a corner and ask me about the status of my sweater. And yes everyone it is slowly being worked on. Emphasis on the word slowly. I should have it done sometime this century. I have fantasies that after it is completed I will parade around the city loudly and annoyingly proclaiming my awesomeness, but until that day...hush, I'm working on it.


Last Chance for the Noro Event of the Season!

We're having samples in all the best lines for you to test knit, yummy Japanese inspired goodies, and garments galore to inspire and admire . But the best part is we'll have a factory rep here to answer all of your questions and give you the inside scoop on the best way to show off your yarn and talent! The tasting is this weekend so call to sign up today!


Baah's New August Gradient Is In!

The next beautiful special edition Baah yarn is in to add to your collection for what will be an exceptional five piece gradient series. The August release is positively stunning and works perfectly into this lovely progression of color. Make sure to pick up your skein today before supplies run out and pre-order the September color for the fifth and final color of the series!

  • Mistyarn.jpg
  • Beginning Painted Mist Cowl | Yarning for You

Painted Mist: Our New Must Have

This deliciously soft yarn comes in a variety of delightfully fun colors. Create a one skein wonder like the amazing cowl I'm modeling, completed by the stupendous Nancy, or knit up a simple sweater or cozy blanket and let the yarn do work with its nifty cascades of color. With so many options you'll definitely find your perfect skein.


More Candy Skein Colors!!!!

I know I don't even really have to say anything because these colors are gorgeous and fantabulous and run right out the door. So why are you still at home?


We had so much fun at Stitches Midwest in Chicago! We got to hang out with all our buds: Alexandra at Alexandra's Crafts, Helena at Oink Pigments, Abby at Twisted Owl, & Kate at A Hundred Ravens. We were so exhausted we just had to have the entire bed to ourselves. To be honest we really don't know why Lacey expected us to share one King size bed in the first place. Simply ludicrous. In our opinion she deserved to sleep on the couch.


Ewey and Baatsy


Finished Project of The Week

Congratulations to Kim an astonishing overachiever who looks glorious in her fantastic linen top from Carol's Summer Top Class. We're so proud of you!