Spooky Ghost Hat  | Yarning for You

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Spooky Ghost Hat

Alright, it's October people. The time of year when I start booking ghost hunting tours hoping against hope that I see a door slam, a glass fly off a shelf, or better yet a full grown man squeal and run out of a room. I would laugh so hard that I would probably pee my pants. Dude blood could be running down the walls and I would be on the ground laughing at that guy. I am not a nice person. Self acceptance is a good thing. It's one of Martha Stewart's top five. So yeah, I'm really excited and looking forward to the ghost tour I have coming up. And now I have the perfect accessory. A super cute spooky ghoulish ghost hat. Plus bonus, I get to annoy my Mother by asking lots questions while she teaches us everything we could ever want to know about color stranding. Fun all around!

Brooklyn Tweed Debut & Garment Show | Yarning for You

Brooklyn Tweed

We are now a flagship store for Brooklyn Tweed! We will be carrying every line of this glorious yarn that is 100% USA designed, sourced, dyed, and spun in all of the colors that they offer. To celebrate, Brooklyn Tweed is sending us some amazing garments to show off just how fantastical their yarn truly is. Make sure you come into the shop to see for yourself!

Cabled Lace Cowl  | Yarning for You

Cabled Lace Cowl

Crafted from two perfectly mirrored pieces, this beautiful classic cowl is worked in a combination of chic cable and lace stitches to create fabulous surface texture. In this class you'll advance your cabling game, tighten up your lace skills, and learn a new button hole technique. So much fun!

Finish or Find Your Fade Knit Along | Yarning for You

Finish or Find Your Fade Knit Along

Have you been working on your Find Your Fade and need a little encouragement? Why not join a group of comrades, friends, and teammates who will motivate and cheer you on until you reach the finish line. This Knit Along is meant to bring us all together to support one another through any hiccups, help pick colors, and hang out while we work on a fun project together.

Beginning Crochet!  | Yarning for You

Beginning Crochet in an Afternoon!

In this super fun class students will be introduced to some common crochet stitches, as well as basic pattern reading. You'll also learn some tips and tricks on how to fix and avoid common mistakes.


We love this gorgeous Atenti bag. It kind of reminds us of that beautiful carpet bag from Mary Poppins. Do you think we could pull a lamp out of here? If that were possible I think we could sell these like hotcakes and become the heroes of all knitters and crocheters around globe. For sale: Dazzling magic bag complete with handsome weightless magically self-lit standing lamp. Heroes!


Ewey and Baatsy

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Finished Projects of the Week!

Congratulations to Shelly for finishing her first project ever from Carol's Baby Surprise Jacket class! Congratulations is also due to Linda for completing her beautiful top also from one of Carol's classes! Well done ladies!!