Creepy Home Photos

Yarn Rehab, a Phenomena so Awesome it Could've Killed the Dinosaurs

So truth. We all know how wonderfully special the yarn rehab sock is from the father and son team at Meadowcraft Dyeworks. We all know how exquisite their colors are. Especially since you, my darling little kumquats, like to jab your fingers into the shipping box to see what's come in before I've even had a chance to unpack it because you don't want to miss out on a new and captivating color. So the picture above could probably have been a box with their logo on it. And instead what you have before you is a creepy soul bearing amalgamation of my three favorite things yarn, dinosaurs, and succulents. In no way did I paint and put together those wood skeleton puzzles as an adult. Nor did I stomp those dinos about their new yarn landscape in an epic battle to the death and then carefully place the jaws of the T-rex triumphantly around the brachiosaurus' neck and then shake my fist and cry out "curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!" Nope. That is purposterous. I read the paper and have conversations about how kelp is the new superfood.


Beaded Lariat Necklace Class

This beaded knitted necklace is a fun, fast, and easy project that can advance your beading skills as well as introduce you to the wonderful world of knitted jewelry! You will learn some new techniques with stranded beading, knitting onto a clasp, as well as some additional tips along the way. Join us Thursday evening on 7/20.


Seaming 101

Learn the techniques for invisible seaming. This skill-building class will teach you how to seam your knitted pieces together seamlessly. :) Class size is limited in order to give individual attention, so sign up early!

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Exclusive Surprise Mosaic Cowl Class Designed & Taught by Irina Anikeeva

Local designer Irina Anikeeva is designing a tricolor mosaic cowl exclusively for the shop! The pattern will be revealed on the day of the class and we are all so excited to see it, as it is sure to be amazing. And as a bonus Irina will be teaching the class and she is such a wonderful, informative, and attentive instructor. Yay! Join us starting Saturday 8/5.


If it looks like we're sitting in a gold chair with a spray painted barking dog then you are correct. Through no fault of our own we are on a college campus. Can we come home now? Everything is sticky.


Ewey and Baatsy


Finished Projects of the Week

Congratulations to Pat and Julie! These are simply glorious. We are so proud of you!