Grizzly Bear Death Poetry Jam

Guest Instructor Barry Klein from Trendsetter!

We are brimming with pride and excitement! Nationally acclaimed designer and instructor Barry Klein from Trendsetter is coming to our shop to teach his design, the spectacular Mitered Box Shawl. Not only does he teach a new miter technique, but he will also discuss how to change the shape to fit your needs, new cast on methods, and so much more! My Mom and all of my employees want to take this class. They've already put their names on the list. Well I want to take this class too. And we all know that I am way more important than everyone else. So I guess we'll just have to draw names out of a hat. Granted I will be drawing the names and will just arbitrarily decide who gets to take the class no matter whose name I actually draw. Dance minions, dance!

Pre-Black Friday Sale!

Are you ready for the biggest yarn sale of the year? You already know we have the best selection of the best yarn in town. You must think we're crazy for putting it on sale. Well, maybe we are!

  • Two days only! Friday 11/17 & Saturday 11/18
  • From 10am-11am all yarn will be 20% off
  • From 11am-5pm all yarn will be 10% off
  • Make sure to keep a lookout for special deals throughout the shop!
  • Friday 11/17 & Saturday 11/18 are the only two days when you will be able to get one of our famous coupon books that are good throughout all of 2018!
  • Check out our website for more details

Candy Skein Limited Edition!

Candy Skein's limited edition colors of the month always tend to sell out! Make sure you pre-order November's Figgy Pudding complete with handmade stitch marker! Call or respond to this email us today!


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