Hippopotamus Water Dancing

It's Party Time Baby!

So I'm sure you cleared your calendar for this Saturday because I told you to weeks ago and you do everything I tell you to do because by now you've realized that I am a God. Yep. That's me. Clotho. Greek Goddess. Spinner of Fate. Wow this is super refreshing. Having a secret identity is a pain. And while I'm at it I've just gotta share that being a cute perky little blonde is not that great. Too much maintenance. I'm much more comfy in my crotchety ugly old crone guise. I'll decide when I want to shower and brush my hair thank you very much! Now this awesome party that's happening. You are going because you are you and you will be there. So saith Fate.


Come celebrate our first year open with us! We're having a storewide sale, Inner Yarn Zen is stopping by for a trunk show, & the day is going to be jam-packed with lots of other phenomenal surprises.


Inner Yarn Zen

Inner Yarn Zen is going to be having a Trunk Show during our Anniversary Party in an attempt to mellow everybody out. Unfortunately I think it might backfire and get everyone all worked up instead since her yarn is so supremely gorgeous.


We Love Irina! Yes We Do!

Local designer Irina Anikeeva dropped by the other day with oodles of new samples for us to show off including her brand new off the needles Arlette Cowl which is simply scrumptious. My silly little self just does not do this fun summer knit justice. Hopefully you guys can proudly show off your completed projects to her the next time you see her. Irina is so sweet and amazing she is currently designing a mosaic cowl exclusively for Yarning For You and she'll actually be teaching the pattern in August. It'll be the perfect time for you to model the Arlette for her. We're all so excited!


Did you ever watch The Rescuers? Baatsy's always wanted to take to the skys on the wings of a large bird, but with fewer splinters. Well at least we get to forgo that whole Penny fiasco. Seriously, no one else found that kid even the slightest bit annoying? We were rooting for that crocodile just a little bit.


Ewey and Baatsy