Hummingbirds Are Angerball Meteorites

Nothin' Fishy About Some Fishknits!

I met Jo Dee at Fishknits when I was wandering about the Stitches market earlier in the year. I spotted these superb kettle colors and just had to pop in and take look. We started chatting and I absolutely fell in love with her! She adores everything about fiber and even has an adopted 95 pound, 8 year old Akita mix, named Norman, who she's given the official title of Fishknits supervisor. I totally relate as my adopted Shiba Inu is my newsletter supervisor. He creepily hovers over me as I write either ready to lick my face or chomp on my feet. Yowsers! Now back to Jo Dee! She's never been carried in a store before so we are lucky enough to be the only shop in the entire world where you can touch and see her yarn in person. Plus the colorways she dyed for us are completely unique and one of a kind. Super cool huh?


Baby Surprise Sweater Class!

This surprisingly easy sweater was designed by Elizabeth Zimmerman in 1968. Knit in garter-stitch, this kimono-style cardigan has become a classic. And you're sure to love building your knitting skills in this super fun class! Join us starting 7/8.


Apple Tree Studio Trunk Show Next Week!

Andrea at Apple Tree Studio started dyeing yarns in 2007 with her kids as a fun family activity: Apple Fiber Studio grew out of these experiences. Colorways are produced by Andrea and her daughter Amy and are inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Special thanks to her wonderful and supportive husband who is so integral to her success.


Make sure you stop by and see Apple Fiber Studio's awesome and unique colorways in their soft and wonderful bases before we run out!


Afterthought Heel Sock Class!

Learn to knit socks two-at-a-time on two circular needles. These socks are quick, easy and a whole lot of fun! They are a perfect first sock, and knitting two-at-a-time means you won’t suffer from the dreaded second sock syndrome! Join us starting Saturday 7/8.


Our bestest bud Beth-ann stopped by with her pet chupacabra to visit the other day and check out the shop. We had a grand old time getting into all kinds of trouble and mischief. Well that is until he started talking all that creepy blood sucking goat nonsense. Super gross and a skosh uncomfortable. We're just one little DNA blip away from a goat. Weird day.


Ewey and Baatsy


Finished Projects of the Week

Congratulations to Ellie, Nancy, & Linda! What glorious awesomeness ladies!


Nagano the Shiba Inu

This is his "rub my belly" face on the left and cute supervisor face on right. You can imagine the rest. If not there is a small Instagram account if you must satiate your curiosity.