Jumping Spider Cowering Sister

Baah's Monthly Gradient Series Comes to Life!

This sensationally subtle gradient series from Baah will be so fantastic for so many different projects. That's why in order to narrow it down a little bit we decided to highlight Joji Locatelli's Jujuy shawl. It will be absolutely lovely knit up in these stunning colors. We have kits available for the three shown here or you can pre-order for the next two upcoming colors and get the entire five month gradient series. So many choices! Oh no! Whatever will you do? Just remember you're never alone. I'm always available to chat in order help with any yarn choice dilemmas. It's one of my favorite things, most especially when you visit me in the shop. And although yarn is my specialty I'm also pretty good at consulting with succulents, bonkers animals, shark week, delicious dairy and gluten filled food I'm not supposed to eat, and ghosts. Chat soon my little pea pods of joy!


Backyard Fibers in the House!

I'm in love with this yarn! It is sooo soft and squishy. And with all the wonderful speckly and solid mixes you can come up with my mind is running wild with possibilities! It doesn't help that there are so many amazing samples in the shop that will look simply scrumptious in one of these combos. What to do? I need to consult myself!


Our cousin from Ireland saw we were famous and made the long trip over to cash in. Just between us though I think he was also hoping we might be rich too. Fat chance of that! These maniacs consider cuddling payment for our minimally endeavored services rendered. But we're so cute they'd totally dole out cuddles even without us doing anything. Maybe it's time for a renegotiation.


Ewey and Baatsy


Finished Project of the Week

Congratulations to MaryLou for completing her delightfully bold and bright Find Your Fade shawl. It is wondrously beautiful. We are so proud of you!