Beginning Crochet!  | Yarning for You

Octopuses: Knit Gods of the Sea!

Crochet Class Extravaganza!

Our wonderful Guest Instructor Aaron Hughes will be joining us on Saturday 1/6 to usher in some additional crochet knowledge and joy into the shop. We will be featuring two of his fantastic classes: Beginning Crochet in an Afternoon! and Custom Crochet Beanie. It's all so exciting we can't hardly wait! Oh Jennifer Love Hewitt...whatever happened to you? Why didn't you Party of Five your way over to the Hallmark Channel like Lacey Chabert? We miss you. We miss knowing what you did last summer.

Some of Our Best Holiday Gift Ideas!

  • Lykke's New Happy Color Needle Sets
  • Mary Gavan's Easy Lacey Shawl Kit
  • Perfect Woolfolk Hat
  • Lykke's New Happy Color Needle Sets! | Yarning for You
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  • WoolfolkSnoHat.jpg
Super Fun Bulky Hat  | Yarning for You

Super Fun Bulky Hat Class

In this fun and easy hat class, you will learn how to knit in the round, do decreases in the round on double pointed needles, and make an awesome pompom. Join us on Saturday 1/13!


Noro Ginga

Noro Ginga is a super-soft blend of cotton, silk, wool and polyamide that's perfect for last-minute projects! Single-ply, super bulky Ginga comes in fun, marled colors. You know you want some!


We can't believe this is our last picture with our Holiday lawn friends before they get packed back into their box prisons. They really need to exercise control over their humans like we do. It's not like it's hard. We should start holding our own classes: How to Stop Being the Puppet and Become the Puppet Master or maybe Using Your Cuteness to Destroy Your Enemies. We're geniuses!


Ewey and Baatsy