Fresh Squeezed Baby Sweater with Guest Instructor Heather Walpole | Yarning for You

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Tis The Season For Classes!!

We've all been inspired to to start teaching and we hope you're all inspired to learn! There are six classes and two knit alongs this month alone! Feel free to double up if you want to challenge yourself. We've made sure to stagger the times so no one will be left out. There's so much I didn't even have enough room in the newsletter to talk about the beginning cowl and crochet classes we have coming up at the end of the month!

Just look at this super cute Fresh Squeezed Baby Sweater by Heather Walpole from local Ewe Ewe Yarns. She's going to be coming in to teach this wonderful top-down raglan sweater that is perfect for advanced beginners on Thursdays 10/26 & 11/4. I know this is one of the many classes you are going to want to sign up for!


Drop In Drop Stitch Knit Along

This scarf uses a stunning horizontal drop stitch seafoam pattern that perfectly highlights the 100% mulberry silk variegated KFI Luxury Silk yarn by Knitting Fever featured in Vogue Knitting. The scarf is fun, easy to make, and is the perfect project for you and all your friends to hang out at the shop while you chat. Join us on Friday 10/13!

Spooky Ghost Hat  | Yarning for You

Spooky Ghost Hat

Are you into cute ghoulish ghosts? Then get spooky with this adorable Halloween-inspired hat. In this class you'll learn color stranding while knitting in the round. Join us on Saturday 10/14!

Cabled Lace Cowl  | Yarning for You

Cabled Lace Cowl

Crafted from two perfectly mirrored pieces, this beautiful classic cowl is worked in a combination of chic cable and lace stitches to create fabulous surface texture. In this class you'll advance your cabling game, tighten up your lace skills, and learn a new button hole technique. So much fun! Join us on Saturday 10/14!

Bud Stitch Shawl | Yarning for You

Bud Stitch Shawl

This delightfully sensational shawl provides you with the amazing opportunity to introduce an interesting new crochet hooked stitch to your knitting while building toward and shaping that wonderful scalloped edge. You'll also master the art of tassel making. Join us on Saturday 10/28!

Finish or Find Your Fade Knit Along | Yarning for You

Finish or Find Your Fade Knit Along

Have you been working on your Find Your Fade and need a little encouragement? Why not join a group of comrades, friends, and teammates who will motivate and cheer you on until you reach the finish line. This Knit Along is meant to bring us all together to support one another through any hiccups, help pick colors, and hang out while we work on a fun project together. Join us on Tuesday 10/17!


We love this soft luxurious Snow Woolfolk hat. Don't we look warm and adorable snuggled up in it together Lacey? Of course we do. Now, we know you are practically a popsicle with the air conditioner set at 71 degrees. But don't you think everyone will let us turn it down to 65 because we have fur and look super cute in this hat? We do. Too bad you're not as loved and adored as we are. Your move.


Ewey and Baatsy