Seagull Sandwich Heists

Woolfolk Exclusive Debut!

In case you've ever questioned our love and devotion to you let me squelch that doubt right now with absolute certainty. We are so very supremely excited to debut Woolfolk yarns as well as bring in a garment Trunk Show exclusively for you, our phenomenal customers! It was very important to us to schedule this event before the San Diego Yarn Crawl so that you would receive priority. This exquisitely soft luxurious yarn is so fantastic that we will now be stocking it full time. But just in case our first order runs out fast, we want you to have dibs! Especially since I already know that many of you have been lying up at night dreaming of this superbly delectable yarn made from Ultimate Merino® ethically and sustainably produced by innovative farmers in the Patagonian Grasslands. So my little blueberry pancakes of joy please remember we completely and utterly adore you and we release this dreamy magic starting Friday 9/1. By the way blueberry pancakes covered in an obscene amount of maple syrup are the most important things in my life. So now you understand the fullest extent of my love for you.


KFI Luxury Silk

As you can tell by the name this luminous yarn is made from 100% Mulberry Silk. Sleek, soft, and smooth to the touch you can't help but fall in love with this wonderousness!

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5th Annual San Diego Yarn Crawl Yarning For You Trunk Show Highlights

Exclusive Color & Event from Oink Pigments!

We'll be debuting an exclusive color dyed just for us from the local ladies at Oink Pigments in the magnificent MCN base at the Crawl entitled Blood in the Water. Oink's glorious yarn will be at the shop everyday of the crawl plus Julie and Alexa will be here on Thursday 9/14 to hang out, answer questions, sign autographs, the usual.

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Long Dog Yarns & Lickin' Flames!

Come meet Brandy on Friday 9/15, the local dyer from Long Dog Yarns and the creator of some of the most spectacularly speckled and bold, colorful yarns around! Jim from Lickin' Flames handcrafts his fabulous clay one-of-a-kind yarn bowls and shawl pins under the occasional watchful eye of the love of his life and accomplished knitter wife Brenda.


Queensland Cassowary Yarn

This wondrous sock yarn named for a bird native to the island rainforests near Australia offers soft gradient stripes that will be sensational in socks, shawls, scarves, or any amazing project you can think of!


Lacey said she would take us on her little jaunt up to Laguna Beach this weekend but she left us here at the shop. Super rude! We're going to have to do something supremely, nefariously villainous to her upon her return. Hmm, time plot and scheme.


Ewey and Baatsy