Brioche Cowl With Guest Instructor Suzanne Nielsen | Yarning for You

Squirrel Nut Wars

Intro Brioche Cowl with Guest Instructor Suzanne Nielsen

Ever wanted to laugh while you were crying? I can see you all nodding your heads in affirmation. How about been masterfully zen while wanting to punch someone in the face? Oh yeah, now I see some fists being raised in the air; and is that a guttural scream I hear? Come with me my little gumdrops because I am always calm and could punch just about everyone in the face at anytime. Is this juxtaposition crazy? No! It's breeds creativity and is totally awesome sauce. So let's celebrate our two-toned nature by knitting some two-toned brioche! With her Make Waves Cowl let local designer Suzanne Nielsen take you on a fun journey to master a technique that will open the door to a land of such colorful stitch play you'll wonder why it took you so long learn.

Enhance Your Lace | Yarning for You

Enhance Your Lace Series

Perfect for the advanced as well as the advanced beginner this lace series will build and hone your lace skills so that you will become an expert lace knitter. Comprised of nine sections, this project will be a lovely sampler that can be used as a stole or decorative throw. Plus it comes with a bonus, no seaming!


Twisted Owl!

Our favorite Texas sock yarn is back! The last time we had Abby's yarn in the shop it sold out so fast many of you didn't even get a chance to see all the colors. We have half the order in and the other half on the way. Make sure you stop in to pick up your favorite skein immediately because it may not still be here when the rest of the order arrives next week or so. Trust me. I have an innocent enough looking face. Hey! No eye rolling.

Crochet & Knit Along With Awesome Matching Shawls | Yarning for You

Coffee House Shawl Crochet & Knit Along

Finally a crochet and knit along that brings us all together! We'll work on an easy and fun multi-colored shawl made with the squishy, soft, beautifully saturated Cumbria Worsted weight yarn. Be sure to come in make new friends and allow the wonderful worlds of crochet and knitting to meld together with laughter and love.


Candy Skein's Limited Edition is Almost Gone!

The end of September is almost upon us and our stash of Tami's Limited Edition Astoria Berries in her Yummy base, complete with handmade berry stitch marker, is quickly dwindling. Hurry in or give us a call so we can take pictures and mail you your perfect skein before they're all gobbled up!


We're just sitting in a basket of Yummy Astoria Berries like a darling Pacific Northwest treasure. Get it Lacey? We're a treasure that you should have taken to Vancouver, WA on your Knit For Fun Retreat. People, this is the second trip where she has left us behind. This cannot stand! It is simply seethingly unacceptable. We are now taking gaslighting or just straight up torture suggestions.


Ewey and Baatsy