Who's Got That Sharky Feeling?

Teresa Ruch Tencel Cowl Kit: Take a Deep Breath

These darling kits include a glorious skein of tencel yarn hand dyed in Teresa's Oregon studio, stitch markers, and a pattern that knit up an elegant cowl with a drape that Teresa assures will be a delight to wear. Plus of course there's the shimmery, shiny and coolness of tencel itself. It's yarn made from the wood of junk trees that grow in poor soil with very little water and is considered an environmentally friendly product. Environmentally friendly yarn!? That's better than awesome. That's Jawsome! Fitting since it is Shark Week after all. Stay hungry my friends. And for the love of Roy Schider don't grab your friend's calf while you're in the public pool and yank her down under the water unexpectedly mid sentence let her breech the surface make loud screechy sputtering noises and then pull her down again while you sing the theme song to the movie in-between fits of evil cackling because you will get kicked out, partially due to your friends inevitable and understandable potty mouth. I reiterate do not do this. It's way too hot for these shenanigans.


Flash Sale

For one week only these featured yarns will be 30% off. Make sure you don't miss out on this amazing deal! Featured Yarn: Circulo Anne Cotton, Classic Elite Chateau & Chalet, and Lana Gatto Camel


Canopy Fingering Yarn

With colors inspired by the tropical ecosystems of Africa Canopy is a beautiful lightweight 3ply dream of baby alpaca, merino, and bamboo.


It's all fun and games 'till someone gets shot out of a cannon.


Ewey and Baatsy

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Finished Projects of The Week

Just look at this sensational award winning lace wrap and spectacular Mountain Gods vest! Congratulations ladies!