Our Story

We are Lynn and Lacey, an awesome mother and daughter dynamic duo with a love for all things yarn! We have owned Yarning for You since June of 2016 and it is more than just a yarn shop to us. It is a community of knitters, crocheters, and fiber art lovers. People are always welcome to come in and sit, knit, crochet, and most importantly make new friends. We encourage talking too loud, showing off how amazing your work is, and uproarious laughter.

We also love to discover independent and local dyers. It is so much fun to stop into yarn shops all around the country and see what all of these different artists have created. One of our favorite stories is how we found Raven Ridge. We were in West Yellowstone and stopped into a tiny yarn/quilt/needlepoint/curio/notary/post office shop and stumbled upon this phenomenal yarn. We contacted Rickie at Raven Ridge, she is the sweetest person ever, and the rest is yarn history. You never know what you’re going to find when you go exploring.


Lynn Koch | Yarning for You

Lynn Koch

During most of my ill spent youth you could find me surfing at the beach. The little time I did spend inside, I would sew clothes for my Barbie. I never did get around to making anything for Ken, I gave him to the dog as a chew toy. Later I progressed to quilting. The infinite possibilities I could design with the colors and patterns really spoke to me. The only drawback was that it was solitary. I wanted something I could do in a social setting. Along came knitting. I took a class with my daughter a number of years ago and the rest is knitting history. Since then I have been lucky enough to take several classes from Master Teachers. I find sharing my love for knitting with others extremely rewarding. Besides, it beats teaching Kindergarteners computer skills. Eek! My sincerest wish is that when you walk into Yarning for You, you feel my love of yarns, knitting, and community.


Lacey Koch

I love knitting because it is such a phenomenal art form. You can create so many wonderful things while learning about and immersing yourself in the beautiful, unique, colorful, innovative world of yarn. I take lots of classes and learn amazing things from all of the glorious I people I meet in the shop. Plus, I get to hang out with my Mom. I guess she’s kind of cool. Two of her favorite movies are Predator and Aliens. We actually learned to knit together and now we own Yarning for You, which is the best! We’ll work together every day, all day. Forever. Wait, isn’t that how people end up in jail for matricide? Sigh.

Carol | Yarning for  You

Carol Myers

I learned to knit a few years before moving to California but it was after I retired that I really started learning about the craft thanks to Yarning for You. I began coming to the Help Desk at the shop. Then in 2007 I began working part time here. I enjoy knitting projects that challenge me with new techniques and skills. Nowadays, I'm the helper at the 'help desk'. I also provide finishing services for hand knits. I love helping, teaching and getting to know the customers because I continue to learn so much just from them. The knitting community enriches my life. I've made lasting friendships through the shop!

Betty | Yarning forYou

Betty Kemper

I started knitting when my sons were young at a yarn store in Escondido from Norwegian woman who taught me how to knit continental style. I really enjoyed knitting, but being a single parent and working 2 jobs can sometimes leave you little time for your hobbies, so my knitting sat by the wayside. My sons grew up into men, of whom I am very proud. And finally, after I pried the last one’s fingers off the door jam so I could shove him out of the house, I was able to pick up my knitting again. About 5 years ago I walked into Yarning for You and found my home. I have made so many friends and learned all kinds of new skills. It’s a lot of fun!

Deanna | Yarning for You

Deanna Thornton

I was born and raised in the Vista, San Marcos area. So I guess you could say I'm a local girl. My grandmother, she was old school, she sat me down when I was 7or 8 to teach me how to crochet, and said “we are crocheters, we are not knitters.” So growing up knitting was taboo for me. I didn't learn how to knit until I was in my forties. I started coming into Yarning for You and really enjoyed the knitting community at the shop. I started working here 4 years ago and it was so much fun meeting all the ladies and helping them with their yarn choices. While I love knitting, crocheting is still my passion. I have so many ideas for projects and there is so much beautiful yarn to choose from that I just had to share my love for crochet with everyone around me. So now I promote crochet the best I can in the shop. I've been teaching crochet now for about 2 years and I love it!

Nancy | Yarning forYou

Nancy Lazerson

I was a crafty kid, always doing something creative with yarn, fabric, thread, whatever I could get my hands on. My aunt taught me to knit when I was 10. I taught myself to crochet around the same time (think 1970, Granny Square vests made from dime-store yarn). In high school I worked in a craft shop, where I added cross stitch, embroidery, and needlepoint to my addictions. Over the years, I waxed and waned with my passions but always returned to yarn and sticks. I have stuck (pun intended) with knitting for the last 20 years and have developed a true passion for the craft. I feel like I am always learning something new, and there are still techniques and strategies to conquer (next on the list, stranded color work!). I love teaching, knitting, and sharing my passion with others. Yarning for You has been my knitting home for the last few years, and I love being part of the community.

Ewey & Baatsy | Yarning for You

Ewey & Baatsy

We are absolutely, unequivocally, the cutest stuffed couple in the universe. Our job, technically, is to represent the company and boost morale, but mostly we just spend our time messing about the shop. Our crowning glory was when we re-enacted the lift from Dirty Dancing. Baatsy absolutely channeled Patrick Swayze and I was as graceful and glorious as a dove in flight. Nobody puts Ewey in a corner.

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